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What is E-ZPass ME

E-ZPass ME or Maine E-ZPass is an electronic tag transponder that can be used to pay toll on the go on Maine Turnpike.

The transponder is mounted on the vehicle’s windshield. When you travel across on any electronic toll plazas in Maine[1] and other authorized toll points elsewhere, the transponder charges your linked account for the appropriate toll. You don’t need to stop to pay the toll. It is part of the E-ZPass network and can be used in all the states where an E-ZPass is accepted.

You can apply for either a Personal or Business account[2]. A personal one for windshield costs $10 with a minimum opening balance of $20.

Use E-ZPass ME Toll Calculator to calculate tolls to travel across toll facilities of Maine and other US states.

How do I cancel my E-ZPass Maine

You can cancel your E-ZPass Maine account by logging into your account online[3] or by mailing a Personal Refund Request Form[4] at:

PO Box 3858
Portland Maine - 04104
Phone: 888-682-7277

Alternatively, contact E-ZPass ME Customer Care Service at 1-888-682-7277.

Where can I use EZPass ME

Travelers ask thousands of queries every week from TollGuru about EZ Pass coverage, such as the following:

  • Does E-ZPass work in Illinois?
  • Is Ezpass accepted in Florida?
  • Does EZ Tag work all over Texas?
  • Can I use EZ Pass on PA Turnpike?

E-ZPass (or widely termed as ez pass) has a wide acceptance across 17 states in the United States. If you already have an E-ZPass from any of these states, you are good to go.

E-ZPass is accepted in New York. New Jersey, Central Florida and other states with I-Pass, E-Pass NCQuickPass and RiverLink

The table below lists the states where E-ZPass is accepted for toll payment:

Delaware Florida (only in Orlando region) Illinois
Indiana Kentucky Massachusetts
Maine Maryland North Carolina
New Hampshire New Jersey New York
Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island
Virginia West Virginia
Click on the state’s name in the table to see details of the state-specific E-ZPass toll tag.

Calculate tolls for Maine and other states in the US

Calculate routes, tolls and fuel costs for your travel by car, truck, taxi, bus, caravans (with or without a trailer) in Maine and other states of the US using TollGuru Trip Calculator. It also shows the cheapest, fastest and other optimal routes to your destination along with toll plaza(s) location en route, payment methods and more.

Rideshare, OEM, TMS, fleet companies and other transport businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the TollGuru Toll API for pre-trip calculation and post-trip reconciliation.

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