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The primary highways of Ecuador are designated with both a name and an alphanumeric designation. The highway designations begin with the letter E followed by a number. If the highway is a trunk highway i.e. traveling north to south, the number is odd. If the highway is a transverse highway i.e. traveling east to west, the number is even.

How much are the tolls in Ecuador

Toll charges in Ecuador depend on the toll road used and the class of the vehicle. To accurately calculate Ecuador tolls and for other Ecuador motorways use TollGuru toll calculator.

How to register for TAG of the Guayasamin tunnel?

  1. Visit the link: Register for TAG of the Guayasamin tunnel
  2. Select the “Register your Tag” option.
  3. Create Username and Password.
  4. Fill in the application data
  5. Receive the response to the procedure.

To find out more details please visit this link.

How much gasoline is spent to go to Villa Gessell?

Gasoline spent to go to Villa Gessell depends upon vehicle type and distance traveled on the road. TollGuru toll calculator can be used to find the gasoline cost and tolls for different vehicle types between start and end point.

What is the name of the toll plaza on the General Rumiñahui Highway

General Rumiñahui is the toll plaza name on General Rumiñahui Highway. To find out the rates for General Rumiñahui, you can use the Ecuador toll calculator.

How much does the Oyacoto toll cost

Rates for Oyacoto plaza for 2022
Toll Plaza Tags toll rates for cars Cash toll rates for cars
Oyacoto 0.6 USD 0.6 USD


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