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East Link toll bridge

The Tom Clarke Bridge, formerly and commonly known as the East-Link Toll Bridge[1], is a toll bridge in Dublin, Ireland, on the River Liffey, owned and operated by Dublin City Council. The East link toll bridge, which links North Wall to Ringsend opens out into Dublin Port and then Dublin Bay just beyond. The bridge forms part of the R131 regional road. The bridge is raised on average three times per day to allow river traffic to pass.

The East Link Toll Calculator calculates East link bridge toll and tolls for all other toll, roads, bridges and tunnels in Ireland for cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, motorhomes and motorcycles for peak and off-peak hours. 

East Link bridge toll charges

East link toll bridge charges vary according to the vehicle type and the weight of the vehicle. Refer to the table below to know the East Link toll bridge charges. The toll on East link bridge is free for motorcycles. 

Vehicle CategoryTag Account
Motorcycles (exceeding 50cc)Free
Private Cars€1.40
Buses or Coaches€2.10
Commercial Vehicles (Less than 2 tonnes unladen weight) €2.10
Commercial Vehicles having less than 2 axles (exceeding 2 tonnes unladen weight)€2.85
Commercial Vehicles having less than 3 axles (exceeding 2 tonnes unladen weight)€3.50
Commercial Vehicles having 4 or more axles (exceeding 2 tonnes unladen weight)€4.25

How to pay toll on East Link toll bridge

You can pay East Link bridge toll[2] in the following ways- 

  • Cash- Cash payment is allowed at all the manual lanes with attendants taking payments in cash for all Ireland toll roads. 
  • Coins- With coins you can pay at all automatic coin machine lanes. 
  • Electronic toll tags- Electronic tags allow motorists to use electronic toll tag lanes, and pay tolls without stopping and paying tolls manually. This saves time and avoids the need to carry cash when travelling on toll roads. 

Accepted electronic tags on East link toll bridge are- 

  • DirectRoute tag
  • Easytrip tag
  • eFlow toll tag
  • TollTag

Ireland toll tags info

main article: Toll Tags in Ireland

Toll tags allow you to travel on all lanes equipped with an electronic tolling system. Motorists having toll tags can pay for all toll roads in Ireland including M50, N6, M1, M3, M4 toll without stopping. There are various toll tags in Ireland providing different benefits to the travelers- 

  • Direct Route tag
  • Easytrip
  • eFlow toll tag 
  • TollTag
  • Pay As You Toll
  • Pay As You Toll+
  • Toll Tag Lease
  • Toll Tag Fleet

To learn more about these toll tags refer to toll tags in Ireland page.

East link toll bridge agency

Egis Road & Tunnel Operation Ireland[3] is the tolling agency for the East link toll bridge. For toll payments or any other toll related queries please contact customer service at Egis Road & Tunnel Operation Ireland website or Egis Projects Ireland, Northwood House, Northwood Business Park, Santry, Dublin 9.

Calculate tolls for East Link Bridge and other states in Ireland

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