How does FasTrak know if you are a carpool

Last updated on Oct 15, 2021 · 2 minutes

FasTrak knows if you are a carpool when you toggle your FasTrak Flex switch from 1 Person to 2 or 3+ people.

FasTrak Flex Toll Tag comes with a switch to indicate whether you are driving alone or as a carpool on California express lanes and offers relevant discounts FasTrak Flex toll tag device

By doing this, the driver sends a signal to the electronic gantries that there are other occupants in the car. However, as this can be misused by someone driving alone, there are California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers dedicated to express lane rule enforcement. They get notified for every vehicle that signals being carpool and randomly check a vehicle to verify it. In case of misuse, a fine is issued to the driver. 

Note: FasTrak Flex is not the same as a regular FasTrak toll tag. It offers discounts for carpools on I-580, I-880, I-680 Contra Costa and SR-237 express lanes in California

Use FasTrak Toll Calculator to calculate tolls to travel across California toll roads, bridges and express lanes with a FasTrak.

California Toll Calculator

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